We think content creators are some of the most talented, interesting and deserving people on the planet. They spend hours, days, month, and dollars on projects that their fans and supporters have been waiting to see, just because. These creators start out sitting in front of their computers (probably in boxers) editing things that would only be seen by few. But over time, this can morph into a mini-business. If it really works, it becomes a full business. As their fanbases grow, it can be incredibly hard to keep up without a little help, because this once-hobby might fully transform into a full-time job.

That’s where we come in.

For creators: Patreon is a way to get paid for creating the things you’re already creating (webcomics, videos, songs, whatevs). Fans pledge a few bucks per month OR per thing you release, and then you get paid every month, or every time you release something new (whether it’s on SoundCloud, YouTube, your own website, or anywhere).

For fans: Patreon is a way to pay your favorite creators for making the stuff you love. Instead of literally throwing money at your screen (trust us, that doesn’t work), you can now pledge a few bucks per thing that a creator makes. For example, if you pledge $2 per video, and the creator releases 3 videos in February, then your card gets charged a total of $6 that month. This means the creator gets paid regularly (every time she releases something new), and you become a bonafide, real-life patron of the arts.

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7 mai 2013

Recurring funding for artists and creators

Patreon, Inc.
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